sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2009

Curse of the Queerwolf

Beware of theimoon... Sweetie.From the creator of A Polish Vampire In Burbank, Deathrow Gameshow, My Mom's A Werewolf,the acclaimed spoof Curse of the Queerwolf is a camp comedy at its outrageous best! It's the hilarious story of Larry Smalbut, your typical beer drinking, fun loving all American macho man. Together with his friend, Richard Cheese, they frequented the seedier L.A. night spots in search of, know what they were in search of. In the course of one of these excursions, ol' Larry is inadvertently bitten on the behind by a good looking she that suddenly turns out to be a he, and not just any he dressed like a she, but a "dickenthrope" which Larry discovers is the official term for a Queerwolf. A few days later, Larry runs into Muddyooch, an old gypsy woman, who sees the sign of the pansygram in his palm and tells him that since he was bitten by a Queerwolf, he will transform into one himself during the next full moon. Curse of the Queerwolf is an absolute howl!

Cuidado com a lua... Doçura. Após ter sido mordido por aquilo que pensou ter sido um travesti, Larry começa a ter pesadelos com hillbillies, visitas de uma cigana velha e a ter reacções estranhas à lua cheia...

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