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Crisaldo Pablo who gave us "Doubt" and "The Bathhouse" now gives us "Moreno" (WaterBearer Films); the story of two men in love but infidelity threatens to tear them apart. Chris begins working on an investigative report on husbands who take several lovers in addition to their wives. His work forces him to look at his own relationship with Denver. Theirs is a relationship built on love but there is a great deal of cheating as well as infidelity.

Chris, himself, favors monogamy and he feels that this should be enough for the two men. Denver, his partner, on the other hand, feels that he must prove that he is a "macho male" and to do this, he thinks that he must have other lovers aside from Chris. Infidelity is nothing new to the gay community and Pablo explores it in "Moreno".

He shows how it affects gay life in the Philippines and more directly how it affects Cris and Denver. I found that the film caused me to examine my own views on the issue. Cris and Denver deal with the situation as best as they know how and I am sure that many of us know couples that have dealt with it or are dealing with it now. It's an interesting film that is well photographed, well directed and well acted... In Amazon

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