segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009


In this British dramatic comedy, three gay couples spend a weekend in the country as they try to sort out their relationships. Paul (James Dreyfus) and Ben (Mark Sands) have been together for five years; the first four were happy, but things have gotten difficult in recent months, and they're considering calling it quits. They've rented a house in the country for Easter weekend and have brought along some friends, whose love lives are also in transition. Owen (Andrew Ableson) and Matt (Michael Urwin) have been seeing each other for three months and are wondering if the time is right to move in together. Meanwhile, Will (David Coffey) and Adam (Darren Petrucci) recently shared a one-night stand, and Will is hoping it will grow into something deeper, though Adam knows better.


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Acho estranho ninguém ter ainda reagido:

o filme proposto se chama BOYFRIENDS enquanto que os links dados sao para STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, um outro filme, que na minha maneira de ver nao tem nada a ver com este...